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PostSubject: -Tryout-   -Tryout- EmptyThu Jul 15, 2010 9:35 am

1. What is you k/d ratio(Dont be shy I believe k/d show some skill but people do mess around.)? – 2.85

2. How old are you? - 17

3. Do you have a mic? - ye

4. Where do you live? - canada

5. How many hours do you play a week and what times are you on? - alot

6. What Time Zone do you live in? Eastern standard time

7. What game modes do you play? All

8. What type of player are you in game? Defender/Slayer

9. What are you looking for in a clan? teamwork

10. How competitive are you? Depends on what where doing

11. Do you have a problem with listening to others? Nope.

12. Are you loyal(meaning no leaving the clan then asking to get back in)? Lol, its funny how some people are that retarded eh? =P

13. Can you be active on this forum? yea

14. What is your real name(optional)? Jay

15. What is your PSN(if you didnt make i the same as your name on here)? TOUCH3D419

16. Whats your favorite and least favorite game mode? SnD Fav – Domination Lest fav

17. How did you hear about us? Google =)

18. Why do you want to join this clan? I like the name =P

19. We have a lot of applicants from day to day, so why should we give you a tryout over someone else? My KDR says it all

20. Whats something other then your gaming ability you can bring to this clan? Leadership, teamwork and deffencive tactics
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PostSubject: Re: -Tryout-   -Tryout- EmptyThu Jul 15, 2010 5:20 pm

Ahh you found us on google? lol. I didnt thin that shit would actually work lol. You got a nice K/D I kinda shut this clan down due to, in activeness, but shit bro your more willing to play with the group of people I play with and go from there.

-Tryout- F1mcr5
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